We reopened our theater room and are set to bring you some unique entertainment while you eat and drink.

What it is:  As you sit at a table with your 2-6 person party and enjoy some of our good eats and drinks, you will be treated to a one song laser show every 15 minutes.

How it works:  Make a reservation (recommended, 508-671-7711) in advance and we will seat you and your party.  Feel free to chat or play a game at your table.  The lights will go off and a professional laser show will begin featuring colorful lighting effects, laser animations, and video effects to a popular song.  When the show is over (3-5 minutes), the lights go back on and 15 minutes later it starts over again with a new song.

Admission:  FREE as long as you came to eat and drink.  This is not a theater setting but rather an extension of our restaurant/bar.  Be our guest to stay and watch a few shows but we do ask that you limit your stay to 90 minutes because of Covid-19 safety regulations.

Safety:  We adhere to all State regulations regarding Covid-19.  The room is large and open with a restricted capacity.  Our staff regularly sanitizes for each customer's safety.  Masks must be worn when not seated at your table.  If you have sensitivity to flashing lights or loud sounds, this is probably not for you.


Families:  The laser shows would be the equivalent to a rated PG film and families are welcome.

Dogs:  We do not allow dogs in the theater room (other than service dogs of course).

When it happens:  Fridays starting at 6pm and Saturdays starting at 2pm.